The Ice is Not Out

     It’s the question that is heard all over the northland this time of the year.  "Is the ice out yet?"  The current answer is "No, but I’ll be sure to blog about it as soon as it goes out."

     The ice conditions are deteriorating on a daily basis.  The hot April sun, rain and strong winds have really pushed the progress of ice out along.  The moose pond on 81 is ice free as are the mouths of flowing rivers.  The Seagull River is ice free and our staff even went paddling over the weekend.  Down at the Trail’s End Campground their bay is free of ice but looking onto Gull Lake there is still a big chunk on the main part of the lake.  Ice floes were passing by our docks yesterday from Gull so we know it is only a matter of time until it goes out.

     Will the ice be out on Saganaga for opener?  I think so.  The average ice out date is the 3rd of May and while it may not be out by this weekend I think it will be out by next weekend for sure.  That is just me, no scientific studies to back it.

     The ice doesn’t just all disappear at once.  It’s a slow process with thawing around the edges, chunks breaking free and shifting ice.  Most of the time if you want to get out on the water and don’t mind paddling the edges or maybe being stranded by a big berg for awhile you can get along quite nicely.  I will be sure to let you know what the current ice conditions are but for now, the ice is not out.