The Fox and the Hound Named Rugby

     I love having four fox in our neighborhood but our dog Rugby is less than thrilled.  He’ll be lazily resting on the couch when one will appear on the deck and then he’ll launch toward the door with gusto.  He’ll bark and scratch and growl like a vicious animal he is not.

     When we let Rugby outside to relieve himself he becomes easily distracted by the fox scent all over the Voyageur property.  I’ve come across several fox dens but I’m not sure where each of them sleeps at night or hangs out during the daylight hours.  I don’t think Rugby knows either because he wanders around barking everywhere.

     Yesterday I was outside on the front deck filling the bird feeders when one of the foxes sauntered into the yard.  They are unbelievably quiet on their feet and I almost never hear them or see them until they are right in front of me.  A minute or so later Rugby comes from the same direction of the fox hot on it’s trail.(Not hot at all).   I yelled for Rugby because I didn’t want him to see the fox and chase him away but Rugby was too distracted by the scent to listen.

     As Rugby explored the yard with nose to the ground the fox came up on the deck and sat down a short distance away from me.  It looked like the fox was laughing at Rugby as we watched from our perch above.  The fox must have become bored after awhile because he got up and walked away.

     I used to think the fox were afraid of Rugby because they ran away from him.  I’m beginning to think they just enjoy playing a game of hide and never seek with Rugby.  Now I know how the saying, "Sly as a Fox" originated.  It’s quite fun to watch the interaction between our fox and hound named Rugby.