Got Snow? We do.

     According to the weather experts we’re one of the few places in the state of Minnesota that has snow right now.  I guess we are very lucky to have it.  Even in Grand Marais there isn’t snow except for where it has been piled up.

     This is the case right in front of the doors of the school where shade has kept a small pile of snow from melting.  Yesterday I watched as the pre-school kids were released and the others were arriving.  Each of the kids had to run over to the pile of snow to play for a few minutes before continuing on their way.  Kind of pathetic that it’s the only snow we have for them to play with in town.

     Today I am supposed to take some Middle School students snowshoeing for their Winter Exploratory Day.  Unfortunately there isn’t any snow to warrant snowshoes.  It looks like we’ll be hiking in the school woods instead.

     We were feeling sorry for our friends in town who don’t have snow so we invited some of them up to play last Saturday.  They had a great time skiing on the river, sledding down our hill and skating on the river.  

     Someone asked if I could shovel some snow into our trailer and bring it down to town.  While I won’t do that I will invite folks up to the end of the Gunflint Trail where some snow does exist.

Snow on the Gunflint Trail     Gunflint Trail Winter     Winter on the Gunflint Trail