The First Blueberries of the Season

     It’s finally happening. The green berries of the blueberry plant are finally turning blue. It’s much later than last year but the blueberries are starting to get ripe.  Don’t go loading up buckets into your car yet, it’s still too early for any good picking.  It will probably be another week to ten days before the berry patches will produce more than a handful of blueberries but at least we’re finally getting close. 

     I thought we might not see ripe blueberries until August because of how slowly the summer started.  We’ll probably be picking them into September at this rate.  The wild strawberries are out and are absolutely delicious as are the June berries.  Soon thimbleberries and raspberries will appear too.

     I’m looking forward to picking berries, especially blueberries. I’ve still got some blueberries in the freezer but there’s no such thing as too many blueberries.