Packing for a Canoe Trip

     It always seems like alot of work to get ready to go on a canoe trip.  Packing the food, getting equipment ready and putting personal gear together takes time.  When you outfit with a canoe trip outfitter all you have to do is get your personal items together and you’re good to go.  When you’re the canoe trip outfitter you get to pack it all and clean up after the trip too. 

     It’s well worth all of the efforts of packing to spend time in the Boundary Waters. Even a quick one night trip is worth the time it takes to pack for it.  Watching fireflies twinkle beneath a sliver of a moon and going to sleep listening to a loon calling are two rewards received for the hard work done.  There are many other rewards out there waiting so make the effort and take the time for a Boundary Waters trip today.

     The more nights spent in the woods the better.