Thank Goodness It’s Monday


<%image(20070305-penguinsm.jpg|125|170|Gunflint Trail Snow Sculpture)%>

  Winter Tracks 2007 is officially over;  thank goodness.  We had so much fun enjoying the winter splendor and all of the activities on the Gunflint Trail this weekend but now we’re completely exhausted.  Guests on the Trail reported having tons of winter fun too and are already wondering when it will happen in 2008…

     Everyone enjoyed the great weather and sunny skies we had on Saturday.  The ski trails were nicely groomed, snowshoes were making tracks in the forest, snowmobiles buzzed across Poplar for the Radar Run and people were out and about participating in all of the Winter Tracks Activities. 

<%image(20070305-jmikerocksm.jpg|200|150|Gunflint Trail Snowmobiling)%>

     Saturday evening we spent at Gunflint Conference Center for the Winter Tracks Banquet, Dinner and Snow Boot Ball.  The food was delicious, almost everyone won a prize, and the band was awesome.  We ate, danced and were merry until the wee hours of the night.

<%image(20070305-abjoshdancsm.jpg|200|138|Snow Boot Ball)%>

     Early Sunday morning found us at the Trout Derby on Gunflint Lake.  We had an ice auger drilling contest(hand augers) and tons of fun with the Cook County Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club.  The big grill was going with brats, burgers, and fish sandwiches while anglers brought in their trout to be weighed.  Someone even drove a huge motor home out onto the lake; a funny sight to see.  They held their annual raffle and we all won a prize.

     I’m sure it will take us all week to rest and recover from such an awesome event.  Too much to do and too little time to do it in.  The problem is there is always something to do up here in the winter; ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing.  I guess that’s why we love our winter on the Gunflint Trail and celebrate it not just on Winter Tracks Weekend, but every day of the winter.

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