Tell A Lie Day

     I would think April 1st would have been a good day for  "Tell a Lie Day" but according to the website Holiday Insights it’s on April 4th.  Why anyone would create this day is beyond me.

     April 4th is also known as "Hug a Newsman Day", "School Librarian Day" and "Walk Around Things Day."  When I first heard of "Walk Around Things Day" I thought of the ability of my family to walk around things I purposefully placed in their way so they would deal with them.  I often place hampers, toys, backpacks, clothing and a variety of other items in the middle of doorways, at the top of the steps or in other high traffic areas as a reminder for them to put it where it belongs.  Unfortunately my family must observe "Walk Around Things Day" every day .

     The real meaning of "Walk Around Things Day" has more to do with avoiding dangers or confrontations about sticky situations.  I guess I’ll give my family a break this one day out of the year as they observe "Walk Around Things Day."  No I won’t, I’m lying as long as it’s "Tell a Lie Day."  I will harrass them today and everyday.  No lie.