Take Time to Get Outside

     Some days I get so bogged down with all of the work I have to do I don’t get outside with the exception of taking the kids out to the bus stop in the morning.  Those days tend to end with me being extremely cranky especially if I haven’t taken the time to get on the treadmill or workout.  Hmmm, what was my excuse for crankiness last night then?

     I was able to get outside yesterday to enjoy the fresh spring air.  The temperature was near 40 degrees and the sun was shining brightly, just as it is today.  Tara joined me for the walk to the bus stop and we were happily greeted by a pileated woodpecker.  It was in a tree very close to the road and the sunlight was filtering through its red feathers.  It flew off right in front of us and as usual I was impressed by the size of the bird.  When it landed again it sang out its call that to me has always sounded like a monkey so that is what I have named it, the Northwoods Monkey.  

     A little farther down the road we noticed a tell-tale sign of spring.  There were pussy willows popping!  Those are the first I have seen this year and it’s always a welcome sight in spite of the fact I’m a big fan of winter.

     After the kids got off of the bus we made our way back to Voyageur.  Their added presence wasn’t conducive to wildlife watching.  However, when we got home Josh was standing on the deck and announced there was a wolf on the river.  It isn’t too often wolves will wander the Seagull River but sure enough there it was in all its majesty.  A big, beautiful timber wolf trotting down the river.

     Combine these happenings with the "fee-bee" sounds of the chickadee, the smell of fresh earth or the warmth of the spring sun and you know you need to take time to get outside.  It does a mind good.