Take Pictures in the BWCA

     I read this quote the other day and thought it was kind of funny, "Always remember to take a picture no matter how much it hurts."  It made me think of the time Adam got a lure stuck in his hand and took a picture of it and of the time a guest came in with a lure stuck in his nose and we insisted upon taking a picture of it. 

     As First Responders we see injuries but we can’t talk about them because of privacy issues. Thanks to a blogger you can hear about a story that happened at Trail’s End Campground the other day.  And remember, when you go into the woods leave the axes and machetes at home. A saw will do the trick just fine and if it doesn’t then take a picture!

Yeah..Some Road Trip

July 18, 2011

by Kevin H B



Not how it should go..
Imagine arriving
Setting up tent…
A machete
Some brush…


Kid is down by lake. How he got back up as fast as he did is amazing.
Especially since he did not come back up the path!!

Self applied trauma/pressure dressing…
“eff that aint working!!”
Self applied tourniquet..
Plastic bag to keep things neat…

Okay thats better, almost stopped, maybe..

“Dad, your really pale…Dad!?!?!” “Your really sweating!:

Kid is pretty damn strong picking his old man up….

Nate drive to…

Trail’s End Cafe

Gunflint Fire and Rescue

1st Responders..(Fire Chief/EMT, EMT/Former Metro(KC)Medic, Father Time(as Nate described him)

Blood…lots..plastic bag placed over leg has way to much red fluid for me to be happy about in it!!

“Who put tourniquet on?”
“I did”

“Nice job!’

EMTs( excellent crew!)
And one very strong, supportive capable son I have as I found out!!

Think they have it controlled, the bleeding…

Lots of hurried pressure and wrapping of more bandages…

Low BP
Tachy HR

“I feel like crap!’

“Does it hurt?”

“A little…”

Loooonnngggg ride to hospital…


MD, “Have to tie off these bleeders and this artery first…”


Discharged, “You go home!!” per MD!!
“You do NOT go camping! HOME!!”

bwca injury