Hammocks for a Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

     Nothing makes a Boundary Waters campsite more comfortable than a hammock.  I don’t normally  bring any type of camp chair along on my canoe camping trips so I rely on my hammock for both sitting and lying down in and sometimes I use it in place of a tent when solo camping.

BWCA camping in comfort

     I have a Crazy Creek Crazy Crib LEX that I like to use in place of a tent.  It measures 44"x99" and weighs a little over 4 pounds.  It has no-see-um netting and with the tarp it keeps me dry and bug free. I find sleeping in a hammock more comfortable than lying on the ground. 

     I know there are other hammocks out there for sleeping in but I haven’t tried any others.   I’ve heard Byers of Maine makes a nice hammock called the Moskito Traveler that has a shock cord to keep the netting off of your face and body.  The Clark Jungle Hammock weighs just under 3 pounds and measures roughly the same as the Crazy Crib.  I’ve heard Hennessy makes great hammocks of all different shapes and sizes but I’ve yet to use one.  We have a number of Eagles Nest Outfitter hammocks that we send out into the BWCA for our Comfort Traveler Package and folks love them.

     If you have used a hammock on your canoe camping trip then please comment about how you like it.  Let the Boundary Waters Blog readers know what hammock you like and why!