Take a Hike or the Stairs

 Wanna take your pursuit of a firmer butt to the next level?

The BiteTake the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s the calorie-burning way to avoid awkward silences (or worse, accidental groping), children who press the buttons for all the floors, Muzak, and unnecessary energy use.

The Benefits

  • Buns of steel. No surprises here: Climbing stairs burns up to ten times more calories than standing in an elevator.
  • Step-by-step conservation. Depending on type, capacity and usage, an elevator’s yearly energy use can equal that of seven homes.
  • Spending less time staring at your watch. The average person squanders as many as 62 minutes a day waiting (in elevators, traffic, lines).
  • If 10,000 Biters climb three flights of stairs every day for a year (rather than taking the elevator), we’ll save enough energy to power four homes over the same period of time.

Personally Speaking
Toshio always takes the stairs at the office – unless he biked to work, in which case he’s not gonna lug his heavy hybrid mountain-road ‘cycle up five flights of stairs.

Wanna Try?

  • Just be careful in high-security offices so that you don’t find yourself locked in a stairwell, hollering for help.
  • Stairway to Health – find out how many calories you can burn just by climbing stairs.