Thank Goodness it’s Monday!  The weekend of the North Shore Dragon Boat Races was just too much fun.  I need some time to relax and rest my weary body.  With nothing strenuous on the schedule the rest of the week, or summer for that matter, I should have a smooth road to recovery. 

     Last week I spent too much time testing the muscles on my skeletal frame.  Monday evening I paddled Josh and a friend all around Gull Lake a couple of times trying to catch a fish.  I don’t like to go home without a fish so I went home tired without a fish.  Not wanting Josh’s friend to think I couldn’t catch fish we went fishing by canoe again on Tuesday.  Two seven-year-olds for four hours of paddling and fishing combined with a 20 minute hike each way and I slept good Tuesday night.  Of course Wednesday was the Tuscarora Triathalon with a half of a mile swim, 3 mile bike ride and 2 mile run.  Thursday night was our last softball game of the season and I was hanging around the field to watch the 2nd game and got asked to play.  Two games back to back then Dragon Boat Practice on Friday, the races on Saturday and unexpected fun at the beach and a 4 mile walk on Sunday.  Alleve, take me away. 



     There’s plenty of work to be done at Voyageur this week so I should be able to cramp up and recover sitting in front of a computer.