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Wondering about the Weather

“What’s the forecast?” Each morning and throughout every day at Voyageur we are continually asked about the weather. We print a forecast for the area in the morning but with today’s access to the internet people want to know an

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Wacky Winter Weather

It is still winter yet people in central Minnesota are already golfing! Did someone flip the calendar ahead a couple of months? That’s what the temperatures and weather patterns are suggesting. According to MPR there was a lightning strike and

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It’s Beginning to Feel Alot Like Winter

Temperatures have dipped down into the single digits and the wind has been blowing fierce. It feels more like January outside than November. The good news is after a few days of bitter cold the weekend forecast calls for temperatures

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Wonderful Weather for a Boundary Waters Trip

Is sunshine and 70 degree temperatures the ideal weather to have for a Boundary Waters canoe trip? I was pondering this question as I slugged across a water swollen portage in a downpour on my last BWCA canoe trip. It

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Snow Season

The first snow arrived on Saturday and there is more in the forecast. It hasn’t stuck around yet and probably won’t but there might be some on the ground in the morning according to the forecast. Tonight Oct 21 28°F

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