Snow Season

The first snow arrived on Saturday and there is more in the forecast. It hasn’t stuck around yet and probably won’t but there might be some on the ground in the morning according to the forecast.

Tonight Oct 21

Snow Shower28°F Observed High 12:05 am    24°F      Snow Shower      Chance of snow: 60%

Wind: NW at 13 mph

Tue Oct 22

AM Snow Showers35°    21°   AM Snow Showers   Chance of snow:   30%

Wind:   NNW at 9 mph

Wed Oct 23

Mostly Cloudy36°  22°   Mostly Cloudy      Chance of precip:   20%

Wind:    NW at 12 mph

Thu Oct 24

Partly Cloudy35°    22°   Partly Cloudy    Chance of precip:   10%

Wind:   NW at 10 mph

Fri Oct 25

Partly Cloudy
38°   27°    Partly Cloudy     Chance of precip:   20%
Wind:    WNW at 10 mph

Sat Oct 26

Cloudy37°    25°    Cloudy     Chance of precip:  20%

Wind:   WSW at 9 mph

Sun Oct 27

Cloudy37°    28°    Cloudy   Chance of precip:   20%

Wind:   NW at 11 mph

Mon Oct 28

Cloudy36°   24°    Cloudy    Chance of precip:    20%

Wind:   N at 7 mph

Tue Oct 29

Cloudy31°    22°    Cloudy    Chance of precip:20%

Wind:   NNW at 8 mph

Wed Oct 30

AM Clouds / PM Sun34°  25°      AM Clouds / PM Sun     Chance of precip:   10%

Wind:   SW at 9 mph

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