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Careless Campers Start Fire on Saganaga Island

On the afternoon of September 22nd around 4pm our crew member Alex noticed smoke. He was out on Saganaga Lake and was returning from a tow out to Hook Island or American Point. He veered off of his course to

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Sunrises and Sunsets

Tony has been sharing some of his photos with me and I’d love to share them with you. This morning he woke up to a rainbow over the Seagull River. Thanks for sharing Tony!

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The Loon Whisperer

On Saganaga Lake the other day I decided to start a conversation with a loon. This conversation went much better than any previous discussion I’ve had with a loon. Take a listen for yourself.

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Watching the Ice Melt

Who predicted the ice on Saganaga would go out when? We can never remember but we know it will disappear eventually.  The temperature is still dipping below freezing on most nights but the daytime highs have been balmy.  The sun

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Winter in September

While the other day we experienced summer in September today we had winter. Rumors circulated about the sighting of snow falling around the mid-trail region but we didn’t see any flakes at Voyageur. It was chilly with a high temperature

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Other Owatonnanians at the end of the Gunflint Trail

I think I made that word up but doesn’t it look cool? Last week I introduced Matt Ritter, one of our Voyageur Crew members from Owatonna and today I’ll introduce two others. Paul Swenson is a friend of Matt’s and

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Loon News

We’ve seen quite a few new loons this year on Saganaga Lake in the Boundary Waters. Guests have also reported seeing a normal amount of baby loons in the Quetico Park and BWCA. Unfortunately many loons this year were challenged

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The Best Canoe and Kayak Magazine Cover Ever

What makes this month’s Canoe and Kayak Magazine’s cover so amazing? It features a Boundary Waters lake on it and not just any lake in the Boundary Waters. It’s a photo of our very own Saganaga Lake taken by one

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Bears and Dumpsters

In case you didn’t already know it bears love dumpsters. Dumpsters for bears are like an all you can eat buffet for people. Two nights ago two bears had as much as they could eat at our dumpster. The Voyageur

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Boundary Waters Canoe Trips

Our Voyageur summer crew has been getting out into the Boundary Waters on canoe trips. It’s so nice to have them take advantage of where they live and make the most of their time on the Gunflint Trail. We’ve had

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