Survival Tips from the Web

Every once in awhile I open up an email from Pinterest that says they found some interesting pins for me to look at. Very seldom to I click the link to see it but a can of Crisco with a wick in it caught my eye.

After scrolling through some pins I found the can of Crisco and then found myself on a website that had a list of Wilderness Survival Hacks. Some of these hacks I can’t imagine having the supplies on hand to make them but maybe I should think about getting them.

The Crisco can with the wick is used as emergency lighting. It didn’t say how long it would last but my guess is quite awhile. I wonder if you could use whatever was left of the Crisco to cook in?

Many of the tips had to do with lighting and fire. Starting a fire with a magnifying glass or with a pair of glasses in a pinch. The article mentioned using Doritos as fire starter but I’ve used Fritos and they work just fine. But if I didn’t have food to survive then I don’t think I would risk burning my Fritos!  I learned a crayon will burn for 30 minutes and putting a headlamp around a gallon jug of water or burning a votive inside of a tin can provides a good light source.

There were a couple of tips I am not so sure I would follow. One was to bring chalk along on a hike so you can put an x on the trees you pass by so you don’t walk in circles. I don’t think other people would appreciate that very much but maybe if you are lost and then decided to do it it might make sense.

One tip for how to make AAA batteries work in a AA gadget I might try. Now if only they could tell me how to make AA batteries work for a AAA gadget…

Need AA batteries, but only have AAA? Ball up pieces of tin foil and use them to fill in the space between the appliance and the battery.

Put a wick in a jar of vegetable shortening for a long-lasting candle.





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