Summer is Here?

The temperatures of summer have finally arrived on the Gunflint Trail. We’ve had our share of 70 degree temperatures throughout the months of June and July but the heat wave has come at the end of August.  Yesterday’s high temperature was 83 degrees and today it’s expected to reach 88 degrees.

The good news is the water temperature in the Boundary Waters is perfect for swimming and cooling off.  While it was pretty chilly earlier this month it’s quite nice now.  No longer do my lungs tighten upon entering the water and I can actually put my feet down a foot or two without them becoming numb.

The great news is the temperatures are forecasted to stay warm and sunny for the next week!  That means a nice Labor Day Weekend for any of you who can get away for a quick trip into the BWCA or the Gunflint Trail. There are still blueberries to be picked and I must admit I had another plate of blueberry pancakes this morning that tasted terrific.

Summer is here on the Gunflint Trail and the only thing missing is you!

Swimming in the BWCA
Cooling off in a Boundary Waters lake
Boundary Waters lake swimming
BWCA lake perfect for swimming
BWCA lake swimming
Taking the plunge into the Boundary Waters
BWCA refreshing dip
Boundary Waters Swimming
Cooling off in the BWCA