Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Meals

I read an article   about wilderness meals and how they are important and should be good.  Tell that to Josh and his friend Levi who were just out camping with me for two nights in the Boundary Waters.  Would they agree? Probably not. But bring my daughter and husband along on a BWCA trip and things change.

I believe I am a minimalist when it comes to camp cooking. If I am out solo then I don’t bring a stove or start a fire for any meals.  I eat trail bars, dried fruit, pb & jelly and anything else I don’t have to cook.  Would the two boys liked to have sat down to enjoy a shore lunch of fish, potatoes and beans? Maybe but I doubt they would have wanted to take the time to sit down and eat or do the dishes.  They were just as happy eating rice krispie bars and beef jerky while sitting in the canoe reeling in their northern pike.

My husband and other people enjoy cooking on a campfire. If you like it then by all means feel free to do so and I’ll definitely eat it if I’m around.  George is a long time guest of ours at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and I recently checked out his Facebook photos from his latest BWCA canoe trip.  Talk about a wilderness cook!

Delicious BWCA camping food
Wilderness baker George White

“I love the baking stuff. I used to use a reflector oven. Now, I use the Omnia Oven on nearly every trip…”

He obviously knows how to bake, catch fish and fry fish too!

BWCA Caught and Eaten
Boundary Waters Fishing, Catching and Eating

I bet you are all wondering the same thing as me… Is George available for hire? I’ll have to find out. Until then I’ll be eating peanut butter and jelly and if the boys are lucky I might just make them some hot water for cocoa.