Still Skiing on the Gunflint Trail

     On a quest to ski 200 kilometers in one winter for the Volksski Tara and I drove down to Bearskin Lodge for a ski on Thursday.   According to my ski diary on the Volksski page I only had about 12 kilometers left to go.  While purchasing our ski trail passes I asked for a loop that would equal at least 12 kilometers and was told the Old Logging Camp Trail would do it.

     We set out to ski and the sun was shining brightly.  Even though it was only 18 degrees the strong rays of the sun were making some of the snow soft.  The snow in the shade was hard, fast and fun.  The trails are well-marked with maps but I have a problem determining just where I am when it says, "You are here."  It’s never quite pinpointed enough for me to be able to decypher my exact location. 

     We got off course somehow in spite of the signs with maps and names of trails at the intersections.  I had a map too but lost it while performing a freestyle ski show for Tara.  A complete 360 was made thanks to a bush that grabbed my ski pole.  I also performed a lovely right ski perpendicular to the snow high kick before my left ski also joined in the fun and I ended up on my back.  But the map was lost before that. 

     We decided we needed to ski a few more kilometers just in case so we went across Flour Lake over to Golden Eagle Lodge and got back on the Logging Camp Trail.  When we figured out how many kilometers we actually skiied it totaled 16.4 kilometers.  I was happy until I went onto my Volksski site and entered it only to come up .8 of a kilometer short.

     A normal person would call it good.  I could go back and re-add my kilometers or put in .8 onto a different ski I probably didn’t figure to the exact kilometer but I’m a perfectionist.  What does that mean?  Yesterday I went for a 1.0 kilometer ski so I can say I not only reached my goal of skiing 200 kilometers but actually exceeded it.

Cross country skiing on the Gunflint Trail Bearskin Lodge