Be sure to look at this picture closely.  Not at the fabulous Lake Trout but at what is around Mike’s neck.  This is the PFD I was referring to in an earlier blog entry on Life Vests.  Sospender carries a whole line of PFD’s that are so small and lightweight you hardly know you have one on.  I realize it doesn’t look like it would keep Mike afloat, but if he were to be thrown into the water it would self-inflate!  When I’m fishing in a motor boat I prefer to wear a belt model that is no bigger than a fanny pack.  This model you need to pull a string and then maneuver yourself into the life vest while trying not to sink to the bottom of the lake.  Once they have been inflated there is a replacement cartridge you can put back in the vest and use it again.  I have given these products as gifts to the people I care about who I know do not wear life vests because they’re too hot or too restrictive.  For those people who just can’t stand wearing a life vest try a Sospender product, you will be surprised at how comfortable they are.

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