Snowshoe Fun

     The other day I was lucky enough to be able to get out and enjoy one of my favorite winter activities, snowshoeing.  A friend invited me down the Trail to her backyard on Poplar Lake, an area I haven’t explored too much in the winter.  We left her house and started our trek across Poplar Lake to one of the summer BWCA canoe portages.    

<%image(20061209-kathsnowsm.jpg|250|167|Snowshoeing a BWCA Portage)%>

     The temperature was cold and the wind was blowing in our face as we made our way toward the shore.  The high for the day was only 4 degrees and the winds were gusting from 10-15 miles per hour.  Once we made it into the woods we quickly warmed up as we stepped over fallen trees and made our way up the hills of the wilderness portage.  

     It is so nice to be able to explore the woods on snowshoes and it is is the perfect time to do it.  The snow depth is ideal, not too deep but deep enough to be thankful that you’re wearing snowshoes.  You can literally go anywhere your feet will take you with the current snow conditions.  Once we get more snow then the going will get very tough unless you’re on a well beaten path.  Most of the areas where I go snowshoeing are not beaten at all so I need to take advantage of this opportunity to snowshoe as much as I can right now.