Smoke in the Air

     A plume of smoke could be seen above Gunflint lake from miles away yesterday.  As we drove closer and closer we feared the worst as we could tell the plume was directly above Gunflint Pines Resort and Campground.  We exited our vehicle with fire extinguishers in hand and rushed into the smoke filled lodge.  We were stopped dead in our tracks when we heard the familiar sound…

<%image(20080413-bobjaret.jpg|200|116|Baker Boys)%>

    "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bob, happy birthday to you."  The birthday cake was fully engulfed in flames and there was little we could do but help celebrate the birthday of Bob and his 40 years on this planet. 


  It’s been a month of birthdays that have gone by and will no doubt pass without little attention paid to them.  My poor niece and her father, my brother-in-law both celebrated their birthdays on Friday without a card or telephone call from me or my family.  Our apologies and late birthday greetings go out to them and to Jaret Baker who also celebrated his birthday earlier this month.

<%image(20080413-earl.jpg|150|195|Duke of Earl)%>

     More birthdays celebrations are underway and planned for the rest of the month.  Earl Cypher of Superior North celebrates along with Bob today and Will Ramberg will celebrate tomorrow.  Next weekend a childhood friend of mine, Diane, will get wiser as well as my step-mom Marge.  Mark Darling of Way of the Wilderness will also be turning older this April.  I can’t forget my Mushy Dork friend Mary Black getting even older than she already is next week either. 

<%image(20080413-marsm.jpg|100|210|Princess Dork Mary)%>

     I may as well wish everyone a very Happy Birthday no matter when your birthday is.  Celebrate each day of your life like it is your last, take time to smell the flowers, cherish your friends and remember, eat your birthday cake first and save the frosting for me!