Skiing Bliss Not Blisters

Gunflint Trail Winter Bliss

     I went cross-country skiing on the Upper Gunflint Trail sky system for a second time yesterday.  Mike had a meeting at Gunflint Trail Fire Hall II so I decided I would spend his meeting time skiing.  He thought I had about an hour and a half before he would be done.

     I couldn’t have timed my ski any better.  He was just finishing up with the meeting when I was walking back to the fire hall about an hour and forty five minutes after I had left.  It was another beautiful day for a ski through the woods.  The temperature was 11 degrees and the sun kept peeking about between snow showers. 

     Some of the trails in our neck of the woods look more like a downhill ski area than a cross-country ski trail.  I skied the Overlook Trail to Highlands that leads to Ham Lake that connects to the North Star Trail.  The North Star is gorgeous and the trees were still coated with a thick blanket of snow.  From the North Star I got onto the West End Trail and then back on a portion of Overlook to Big Pine. 

     I’m glad I got another ski in before skiing to the yurt on the Banadad Trail on Friday.  I have the start of a small blister but luckily Sheri picked up some moleskin today in town so we should be good to go.

     I decided to try to videotape one of the hills on my ski yesterday.  I have a friend who came up to ski not too long ago and she ended up spending alot of time on the ground.  I thought I would show her what some of the other trails are like just so she knows it could have been worse!