Anyone Know a Good Lawyer?

     I knew the deadline for pulling our Trademark application for the name "Mush for a Cure" was fast approaching.  What I didn’t know until I finally dug through my records was the deadline was the 3rd of January.  Oops.  Now I think I need a lawyer and one who works for free would be preferred.

     Funny thing is I emailed the attorney of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Nancy G. Brinker(Susan Komen’s Sister) on the 3rd and neither of them got back to me.  How aggravating.  What’s worse is another story I heard about the Komen Foundation.

     A woman from California called me to tell me about her experience with the Komen Foundation after she read an article about our trouble.  Her trademark application for "Home Sales for a Cure" was 7 months pending when the Komen Foundation submitted "Home for a Cure" and got it approved in less than a month.  That quick of an approval for a trademark is unheard of and since the Komen Foundation has been using the name and business plan of Jane Kalinowsky(the woman from California) they have made over 3 million dollars for the Komen Foundation. 

     This is crazy stuff folks.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me and it apparently doesn’t make sense to the Colbert Nation either. So, if you know a good lawyer or have any advice, please share, I’m desperate.



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