Shovel Safely

While some of us enjoy shoveling there are those who do not.  Shoveling, or any physical activity that is done by a normally sedentary person can cause aches, pains, and even heart attacks.  It seems as though every year we hear about someone who has died from shoveling.  If you are out of shape and you need to shovel then take it slowly.  Do a little stretching and warm up your muscles before starting.  If it is possible then push the snow instead of lifting it.  We have a nice space between our bottom deck railing and the top of the decking where we can push snow through.  If you have to lift the shovel then be sure to lift with your legs and not your back.  Do not twist while you are lifting as this can injure your back.  Use a small shovel and try to take small scoops.  Be aware of your heart rate and take frequent breaks.  If you begin to feel discomfort or pain in your chest, arm, or even your back, then quit shoveling immediately and tell someone about your symptoms.  Don’t overwork yourself, the snow will still be there after a rest and if you don’t get back to it, rest assured, it will be gone come summer.