Mild Temperatures

It is hard to believe it is January 7th and we have had only one day with a temperature below zero.  Last year the average temperature in January was 10 degrees and it has barely fallen below 20 degrees so far this year.  I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is January, I hope she gets reminded soon.  The snow is holding up fine and the cross-country ski trails are in great shape.  The snowmobile trail has been groomed and is just a little big bumpy at the end of the Trail here.  The ice conditions are still a little sketchy.  People have even been travelling on Sag, but no one has stopped to check the ice depth yet.  I’m sure if it stays below freezing it will be fine for the Trout opener and most of the smaller lakes are in great shape.   I’m looking forward to heading out on Sag for the first time this year!