She Keeps You Guessing

     Mother Nature not only keeps us guessing about what the weather will do but also makes sure we always have something to talk about.  We were blessed with 60 degree temperatures one day and it’s back down to a chilly 18 degrees outside this morning. 

     Sunday we received wind, hail and rain that ate up the majority of the snow that was left on the ground.  There are still a few patches of snow around but it’s looking pretty bare and there’s a hole opening up in the river in front of our dock. 

     Those of us who welcomed the warm weather will be disappointed to know cold temperatures and some snowfall is predicted for this upcoming weekend.  This is April in Minnesota and I just saw some place that the latest recorded measurable snow in Duluth, MN was on the 28th of May.  Have no fear, summer will be here but Mother Nature will keep us guessing exactly when it will arrive.