Searching for Serenity

Here’s an excerpt from a travel guide. “Few places in the world offer the brilliance, the majesty and the serenity of the “fill in the blank.”  I would insert the words, “Boundary Waters, Quetico Park and/or Gunflint Trail.” It came as a surprise to see the words “Florida Keys” in their place.

I guess the word “serenity” means different things to different people. Maybe if you are floating at sea in a sailboat off of the Florida Keys or on a secluded island nearby you could find serenity but I’m not sure.  There are still commercial airplanes, helicopters and Air Force Planes that zoom by overhead as well as fishing boats, cruise ships and personal watercraft on the water.

Where can you get away from those things and really find solitude and serenity? In the Boundary Waters, Quetico Park or on the Gunflint Trail. Of course there are other wild places you can find it and if you are a zen-like individual you can probably find it anywhere. If you’re searching for serenity then come on up to Voyageur and find it.

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