In Search of Sunshine

It’s the time of the year when daylight hours are at their shortest. I like light. The electric company likes me. When I’m inside I turn on all of the lights I can find and still crave more. I love natural light so outside in the sunshine is where I like to be.

Florida sunshine
Rainy Weather

Hence the reason for a vacation in sunny Florida, or what I thought would be sunny Florida. Since we’ve been here I have only seen the sun once and it was only for fifteen minutes one morning. It’s actually rained all but one of the days and I don’t mean one of those Florida quick rain showers but an all day downpour. A rain poncho and an umbrella couldn’t keep me dry on a walk and some parts of the sidewalk had ankle deep water standing on it.

Who would dare to complain when they are on vacation? After all, I’ve been able to put an entire 500 piece puzzle together by myself! Mike was able to lay in the hammock with the help of a quilt to keep him warm. I’ve also been able to read a couple of books and best of all I haven’t had to cook.

I’m optimistic we’ll see the sun before we leave. I’m hoping to catch a fish or two, snorkel and maybe go for a bike ride while I’m here.  The good news is Key Lime Pie tastes terrific no matter if the sun is shining or not.

Key Lime Pie
Florida’s Key Lime Pie

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