Scary Weather

Yesterday started out hot and humid and before we knew it we were in a severe thunderstorm warning.  The National Weather Service actually called to warn us about golf ball sized hail and up to 70 mph winds that were heading towards us from Ely.  The weather was quite reminiscent of the 4th of July storm in 1999, minus the warning.  The sky was a strange green color and the clouds were moving swiftly overhead with lightening flashing everywhere.  The thunder rumbled and the rain slammed down to the ground along with quite a bit of hail about the size of small marbles.  The winds took down a few dead trees and limbs but nothing major.  The storm lasted under an hour and it dumped over two inches of rain on us, scaring a fair number of Memorial Weekend paddlers and anglers.  By 1:00 PM the sun was out, the clouds were gone and the heat was sweltering.  Everyone headed back out onto the lake for more weekend fun.