Fishing on Saganaga

Saganaga is located half in Minnesota and half in Canada so many of our guests choose to fish on both sides of the border.  The Minnesota side is in the BWCA so you must have a day use motor permit to travel and fish on Sag.  There is a quota on the permits available so be sure to reserve them in advance or inquire about the availability of them during the time you wish to visit.  There are a couple of things to remember when fishing on the Canadian side of Saganaga.   The most important thing to remember is that you must purchase a Canadian Fishing license and have a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit in your posession.  Leeches and minnows are only allowed if you purchase them in Canada.  Currently Chippewa Inn on the Canadian Side of Saganaga does not have leeches for sale but they do have minnows.  You can bring night crawlers in from the States as long as they are in artificial bedding.  Since crawlers are an invasive species it is illegal to dump them on the ground, so please dispose of them properly.  Be sure to check the regulations for limits and slot sizes and other special regulations for the area and good luck fishing.