Sandy News from the Gunflint Trail

     Even though we don’t have television or get newspapers I heard about Hurricane Sandy and the epic storm she created. I’ve been looking at the news on the internet and seeing photos of the devestation Sandy left in her wake. I feel so badly for all of the folks who are left homeless and those who are left with homes that have been soaked with water.  I’ve never been through a flood but I know many folks who have and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    I sympathize with those who are without electricity and know what it is like. We didn’t have electricity for 14 days after the Blow Down in 1999. I can’t imagine how it would be living in a city with septic and sewage and no water nearby. We always have the river as a water source and plenty of latrines and outhouses nearby.

     For our Voyageur friends out there who are suffering through this ordeal right now we want you to know we’re thinking of you. We’re thinking of everyone and sending prayers up. If there’s anything we can do then let us know.