Ready or Not?


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   Here it comes.  Christmas is just around the corner and I’m not sure if I’m ready or not.  I know I am more ready this year than I was last year if that counts for anything!   Last year I didn’t get my Christmas letters sent out until around Valentine’s Day and this year most of them will be out before Christmas.  We got our tree up and decorated way earlier than normal this year and there are even wrapped presents underneath it. 

     Last week Mike’s cousin Sheri shared her holiday spirit with us.  She came up to help us out while Don and Marilyn, our key employees, are still on vacation.  It was awesome to have help with the Voyageur paperwork, some neglected housework and the Christmas tradition of holiday baking.  

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   Sheri and I did our best to prepare everything so the kids could come home from school and have some fun.  Sheri made some sugar cookie dough, rolled, cut, and baked some of the cookies and then left some for the kids to cut out.  We turned on the holiday music, made some green frosting, and pulled out all of the sprinkles, cinnamon dots, and other decorating items we could find. 

     The kids got home around 4:30 PM and were very excited to be able to make some holiday cookies.  They ate batter, licked their fingers, baked and decorated for almost 3 hours straight.  They barely took a break for dinner and I read to them while they finished up the last of the decorating.    

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   That night they went to bed with their tummies full, their faces green, and thoughts of a special holiday baking tradition.

  Thank you Sheri, we love you.