Did you ever wonder why the word rationalize was spelled the way it is?  With the definition of the word saying it may not even be true wouldn’t it make sense to spell it "Rationalies"?  From the web,

  • Attempt to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true…: "she couldn’t rationalize her urge to return to the cottage"

     And the topic of the day was chosen because I wanted to rationalize why I purchased a new computer.  I’m not sure why I always feel the need to rationalize, is this a common thing, to rationalize when one makes purchases?  Is it because I don’t feel I’m worthy of new things?  In any case, that’s a little deeper than I dare to go this morning.

     I thought I needed a new computer for a number of reasons.  I purchased this Dell laptop in 2007 and have had to replace the keyboard, the battery and two power cords because of wear and tear.  Even though I don’t need to see the letters on my keys when I look at them I can’t tell where "F", "J", "N", "A", "D", "K", "E", "L". or "R" are because the letters are worn off of the 2nd keyboard.  I also can’t tell where the letter "B" is because that key has been missing since I attempted to fix it.  The buttons don’t press easily and I find myself making tons of errors because I don’t put enough pressure on the keys. 

     The keyboard is one explanation while the overall computer performance is another.  I often lose work because the computer will lock up.  I’ll be in the middle of a blog post, try to upload a picture and then it freezes so I can’t even save my work.  Yes, I could write it in Word but that would add a step I am unwilling to take. 

     Lastly, the computer performs as slow as molasses and it isn’t because of the syrup I spilled on it.  We’re on satellite so I know that is slow but it’s even slow with wi-fi.  Another excuse for needing a new computer.

     So, just in case you were questioning why I thought I deserved a new computer you have all of the rational lies to consider and decide on your own if I needed to rationalize the purchase.