Puddles in Our Yard

     It was a wonderful sight to see water streaming from our rooftop yesterday afternoon.  I listened to the sound of droplets landing on the deck for almost four hours straight and danced in the puddles in our yard.  If only this was from rain falling from the sky.

     My neighbor Michael Valentini and his crew made sure our wildfire sprinklers were fully operational yesterday.  They pointed the sprinkler heads in the right direction, made sure there weren’t any leaks in the lines and let the sprinklers drench our property for a few hours. 

     I feel much better now thanks to Michael and his crew.  I know if there is a wildfire all I have to do is put the throttle to rabbit run, prime the pump and let the sprinklers do the work they were made to do.  I just need to show Chelsea how to start them up in case Mike or I aren’t home and a fire were to break out.

     The threat of fire seems less real now.  Is it because I am prepared or perhaps because the trees are starting to bud or maybe because of the complete ban of fire in the forest?  It’s probably a combination of all three and the green on the trees is a much welcome sight.  When the trees start to green up there’s more moisture in them and they are less likely to explode in the event of a fire.  The temperatures have been cooling off at night, there has been less wind and even a couple of clouds have obscured the sun momentarily during the daytime.

     I’m looking at the forecast for the upcoming weekend and the following week thinking it would be perfect for paddling the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park.  Daytime temperatures up into the 60’s, lows around 30 degrees and mostly sunshine in the sky.  If I can manage to slip away for a couple of nights then I know right where I am headed.  I encourage you to clear your schedule and come paddle the wilderness when you can have it all to yourself.  If you’re lucky then I may even dance in a puddle with you.