Procrastination Nesting

     The term "nesting" usually refers to a soon to be mom preparing things for the arrival of her new baby.  I know I am not nesting but I sure have been distracted by things in my house lately.  I keep being lured to different areas of the house that need attention or organizing. 

     I’ll give you an example of how sporadic I have been lately.  The other day I was working on my computer when I looked outside and noticed the bird food was out.  I went onto the deck to add bird feed, saw something in the snow that needed to be picked up, took care of that, then shoveled a bit of snow off of fhe deck before taking care of the bird feed and coming back into the house.  Once I was back in the house I noticed the bottoms of my pants were wet from the snow so I went upstairs to put a different pair of pants on.  While in the closet I noticed some clothes I wanted to get rid of so I started going through all of my clothes deciding what to keep and what to give away.  From there I decided I needed a glass of water and went into the kitchen.  I opened the cupboard only to find it a complete mess just as it has been the past few months.  Only this time it bothered me so much I decided to sort through the water bottles and cups in order to downsize the collection.  It goes on and on.

     I needed a rubber band so I opened my desk drawer.  I found a rubber band but I also found a battery out of its box and I didn’t know if it was good or bad.  I located the battery tester to find out and thought as long as I have the battery tester I may as well test every battery I can find in the house.  This led me on a search through endless drawers and desks in which I found other items that weren’t just as they should be.  A random remote control started a search for other useless remote controls that lead me to television cable cord sorting and so on and so forth.

     Adult size ADD, nesting or is it just plain procrastination that is making me act this way?  Any ideas or advice you have would be greatly appreciated.  Until I find a solution my blog post will probably appear in the afternoon instead of in its normal morning time slot.