Preparing for Winter

     Every fall we have the same list of "Things to do" before the snow covers the ground and this year is no exception.  I have the list in my computer and a hard copy in one of my files but instead of using the already prepared list both Mike and I create new ones with the same old tasks on them. 

     It seems kind of silly to not use the already prepared list of things to do and it leaves it up to chance if we’ll forget to do something or not.  Each thing we forget to do will cost us time, money or both depending upon the task.  Here are a few of the things we do each fall in case you are wondering.

  • Call the phone company to ask them to put the courtesy phone on sleep for the winter.
  • Contact insurance agents to let them know we won’t be driving the outfitting vehicles anymore.
  • Call satellite phone company to suspend service for the winter.
  • Drain all hoses.
  • Empty pop machines and tarp them for the winter.

     In addition to this list there are things we should do each fall that we don’t get around to very often such as pulling weeds out of the planters and raking leaves.  One thing we seem to always neglect is taking the batteries out of smoke alarms.  It never fails, every winter we’ll hear a chirping sound coming from one of the bunks when we’re snowshoeing across the river.  I’ll attempt to stand on top of a table without taking my snowshoes off in an attempt to reach the smoke alarm.  Believe me when I tell you, this doesn’t work.  

     In any case, if you’ve ever wondered what we do in the fall this should give you a better idea.  This year I may even print my saved list, but then again, I doubt it.