Halloween and Caramel Apples

     There’s something about Halloween that makes me crave caramel apples.  A week or so ago I went into the Gunflint Mercantile in Grand Marais to visit our former employee Chelsea.  Her store is filled with sweets of all kinds including licorice, candy sticks, homemade fudge and for the fall season, caramel apples. 

     The caramel apples looked delicious and I had to buy one.  I’m happy to say they tasted even better than they looked.  She uses the same caramel that she makes her candy caramels out of and it is really to die for. 

     If you’re looking for a special treat then check out Chelsea’s website or stop in her store the next time you’re in Grand Marais.  Peanut butter maple fudge is my favorite but she has a large variety of other kinds of fudge.  Since the caramel apples are seasonal items I know what I’ll be buying the next time I go to the Gunflint Mercantile.