Paddle the Quetico

     I love to spend time paddling both the Boundary Waters and the Quetico Park.  Mike and I were able to take a quick canoe trip into the Quetico earlier this month.  After our trip I knew I had to tell everyone to paddle the Quetico. 


    The Quetico Park is waiting for you to come and paddle, camp and explore its lakes and portages.  There are still plenty of permits available for this summer so take advantage of this opportunity to paddle in an unbelievable place.  The Quetico is an unspoiled wilderness where very few people travel.  The campsites are not designated and many of the campfire rings have grass growing in them from lack of use.  There are thousands of lakes and routes to choose from, all different and unique in their own way. 

     There is the hassle of applying for a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit and the expense of the overnight camping fees but it is all worth it to be able to camp in the Quetico.  There are very few people allowed into the Quetico and on many lakes you won’t see another soul.  It is an awesome experience to spend a day or two without seeing or hearing anyone else.  It’s as if you are the only person in the world and you have an entire lake all to yourself. 

     The beauty of the Quetico is only one small part of what makes the Quetico such a wonderful place.  The lakes are teeming with fish and the area is rich with history.  The Ojibwe and Sioux traveled the Quetico, the Voyageurs used it too, there were poachers, surveyors and rangers who paddled and snowshoed the area.  There are stories to be read about the Quetico and there isn’t a better place to do it than on a campsite in the Quetico.

     The Quetico Park is here, waiting to be explored by you.  Call today and reserve your permit to paddle and explore this awesome wilderness area.  1-888-CANOEIT