Paddle Safely

     Everyone is anxious to get out onto the water in the Spring.  The air temperature may be warm and the sun may be shining but in many places the water temperature is still dangerously cold. There have already been a number of deaths in the United Sates this year due to watercrafts capsizing in cold water.  In many instances the victims were not wearing their life jackets and if they had been they may have survived. 


    According to the National Safe Boating Council, "It is a well-known fact that in 80% of all fatal boating accidents, the cause of death is drowning. And, in 90% of those drownings the person wasn’t wearing a life jacket."  We urge everyone to wear their life vest anytime they are out on the water.  It may not always save a life if hypothermia sets in but at least the body will be found by rescuers. This isn’t a happy thought but not being able to find the body of a loved one isn’t a happy thought either.  

     Think about yourself and the ones you love before you get into your boat this Spring and all year through.  Remember, it won’t work if you won’t wear it.