I am far from being an expert on electricity and I am confused by the following information that I have heard before.  I didn’t realize appliances/outlets used electricity even if they weren’t on, is this for real?  If there is an expert out there who can explain this to me then let me know so I can share it with my blog readers too!  The following information is from http://www.idealbite.com.

What’s lurking in your house after you turn off all the lights?

The Bite:

A "phantom load" is the energy that’s sapped by appliances when they’re plugged in, but not on. Use power strips or manually unplug DVD players, computers and cell phone chargers to save electricity from disappearing without a trace.

The Benefits

  • Save big on your energy bills. In the average home, 40% of all electricity is used to power home appliances while they’re turned off.
  • Lower emissions. If all phantom loads in US homes were stopped, we could shut down 17 power plants.
  • Power strips with surge protectors make it easy to "unplug" many appliances at once.

Personally Speaking

NY Biter Cecily Channell uses a power strip that’s hooked up to her entertainment system to turn the cable and TV on and off. At first, her roommates complained because it takes a little longer for the cable box to warm up ("They want their HGTV right now!"), but the electric bill savings they saw after a few months convinced ’em.

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