Of Mice and Women

     It’s that time of the year when the mice start looking for their winter home.  Many mice like to make their new home in my home, one of our cabins or even the outfitting building.  Here’s a little poem I wrote to express how I feel about a mouse in my house.

 I do not like mice big or small I do not like them much at all.

I do not want mice in my home I would rather send them to Gnome.

 I do not like mouse droppings in my drawers and certainly not on the floors.

I don’t like to kill the little guys but I have to when I see their beady eyes.

A glue trap does the trick but I don’t like to see them writhe when they stick.

A good old fashioned wooden trap makes quite the mess when they go snap.

Poisoned bits are really slick but death comes slowly after they are sick.

Outside of my house a mouse can be but if they’re inside they must flee.

For if the mouse does not leave then I will have to grieve.

I will feel badly for their death but at least I’ll never have to smell their breath.

No mouse should try to live in my home for if it does then we’ll need the Yoga OM.