November Moon

     People who live around Lake Superior are familiar with the saying, "The Gales of November."  November is the month where the winds blow hard and the waves crash along the shores of the largest Great Lake.  Lake Superior is a powerful body of water and I love to watch in awe as the waves form and dance across the surface of the lake.  I was surprised when I was looking into the names of the November Moon that the Wind Moon wasn’t one of them.  The various Native American groups have many names for the Moon of November.  It’s fun to take a look at the various names of the moon for each month of the year.

<%image(20061031-abbywind.jpg|150|225|Lake Superior)%>
  • Eastern Cherokee- Hunting
  • Cherokee- Trading
  • Assiniboine- Frost
  • Anishnaabe- Freezing
  • Cheyenne- Deer Rutting
  • Eastern Comanche- Thanking
  • Arapahoe- When the rivers start to freeze
  • Sue- When the wind blows( What can I say, I’m a tribe of one!)