New Residents on the Gunflint Trail

     It’s that time of the year when the proud mammas are showing off their newly born young.  For those who drive the Gunflint Trail it means keeping an extra sharp eye out for hazards in the roadway.  The wildlife is somewhat predictable but  there are people who brake suddenly and abandon their vehicles in the middle of the road with doors wide open in pursuit of a photograph.  If you’re driving on the Gunflint Trail and you come over a hill to find five cars scattered haphazardly like a bad accident scene then there’s probably a moose in the pond.  This was the case when I drove to Grand Marais yesterday.  Luckily when I was on my way home only the moose remained and the vehicles had cleared the roadway for safe travels.

    Next time you’re on the Gunflint Trail keep your eyes open for fox kits and moose calves and those always unpredictable human beings.