National Public Lands Day

     What are you doing today to celebrate National Public Lands Day? There are events all over the United States planned for this special day but you don’t have to participate in one of those planned events to enjoy the day.

  There are plenty of things to do and places to go to join in the celebration. You can take a stroll through a neighborhood park and pick up a little trash on your way.  Paddle a river and clean up the shoreline as you go or just take a hike in the woods.  Maybe you could introduce a child to some public land activity by taking a kid  fishing or hunting like we did with Josh the other day.   It was his first time out grouse hunting and after missing the first grouse he shot at he got the next three. Talk about a happy 9 year old! Whatever you do, Carpe diem!

National Public Lands Day 2010 celebrates service and recreation on public lands while educating volunteers about the effects of climate change on our parks. NPLD engages a diverse audience of adult and youth volunteers to get to outdoors and improve their lands, whether at the grandest national park or at an urban park in their neighborhood.

NPLD inspires a new generation of volunteers committed to service on public lands. The event also encourages volunteers to explore and enjoy America’s natural wonders through outdoor recreation. After working hard, volunteers can take a hike, a swim, a bicycle ride and get healthy in America’s backyard.

Gunflint Trail Grouse Hunter