National Lampoon’s Vacation

     Holiday Road. Do you remember that song or the Griswald’s?  I do.  I think that’s probably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and it ranks right up there with RV.  When I was a kid my family traveled the United States in our car and never by airplane.  We drove everywhere we went and stayed in hotels along the way.

     I always said I would never travel in an RV.  Who would want to have to make their own bed each morning or clean up after themselves?  Cooking on vacation doesn’t sound like a vacation to me.  Motor homes lined up one by one right next to each other never appealed to me.  I thought the gas guzzling, slow moving homes on wheels should be banned from the highways along with their never in a hurry drivers.

     It happened again.  Proof a person should never say never.  I am the owner of an RV purchased off of Ebay if you can imagine that.  Our family had decided to head West on a road trip for a vacation.  Mike mentioned something about getting a small conversion van/camper for the trip and then selling it when we got home.  I couldn’t find any inexpensive small camper like vehicles for sale but I found a good deal on a monster motor home.  It’s an older RV, 1995 or 1993 but it’s in good shape and it ran all the way home from Green Bay, WI where we picked it up. 

     All of a sudden the idea of an RV appeals to me.  I can sit with the kids at the table and do homework with them or play a game while we’re driving.  I can work on my laptop and spread out my papers and actually be able to move my feet.  We can bring along healthy food and beverages and most importantly we won’t have to stop every hour to use a bathroom or listen to the kids beg us for a treat at the gas station.  And the best thing about the RV is there is tons of storage so I won’t get yelled at no matter how many pairs of shoes I pack.

     The kids are excited to get on the road and spend time in the RV.  They are looking forward to our summer vacation even though it isn’t summer.  This is the time of the year we can get away without being too swamped when we return.  We’ll be packing up and heading out very soon.  I wonder what kind of crazy adventures we’ll have while traveling in our RV…