Life Away From Voyageur

     There does exist other facets of our lives that do not involve Voyageur.  Many of these revolve around our busy children who are now 10 and 8.  When Mike and I decided to have children we didn’t want them to miss out on things because we chose to live 56 miles from the nearest town.  That has meant driving 56 miles to town for different activities they are involved in. 

     There are so many activities for kids to choose from even in the small town of Grand Marais.  There are play productions, downhill ski teams, dancing classes, music lessons, art programs and more.  Josh and Abby both enjoy sports and play soccer, summer baseball, tennis, hockey and Josh started football this year while Abby started volleyball.  Abby is also involved in Girl Scouts.  Like most kids they have birthday parties to attend and sleepovers to keep them busy.

     Of course Mike and I both have other interests that tend to keep us hopping.  I like to plan and organize events that promote tourism on the Gunflint Trail and raise money for various groups.  I’ve helped with theGunflint Winter Tracks Festival that is in it’s 6th year this February.  The 4th Annual Mush for a Cure Sled Dog FUNdraiser is March 12-13th on the Gunlint Trail and the 3rd Annual Ham Run Half Marathon is on May 2, 2010.

     Mike and I are both members of the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and he’s currently serving as the Fire Chief.  I’m an active member of the school’s PTA and am on the Community Center Board.  Mike’s involved in various other boards and we both like to spend time volunteer coaching when we can.  Mike helped with the 3-6th grade football team this fall and I helped with the 4-6th grade volleyball team.  Mike’s currently helping coach the kid’s hockey team.

     We tend to enjoy our free time too.  We love to go camping, hiking, paddling, fishing, snowmobiling and especially enjoy traveling.  While there’s no place like home on the Gunflint Trail we do very much enjoy seeing new sights and exploring different areas of the country.  This is something we are preparing to do in an entirely new way sometime very soon.

To be continued…