My Mom Went to the Bon Jovi Concert and Didn’t Come Home

     There was a t-shirt for sale at last night’s Bon Jovi concert that had this saying on the back but unfortunately my kid’s weren’t able to purchase it.  Number one it cost $35 and number two I left the concert along with the kids. 

      Another year, another concert and Bon Jovi still hasn’t asked me to travel the world with him and Richie and Tico and the other guys. A few times during the concert he was singing right to me and I think he pointed at me a couple of times.   I thought for sure this was the year he would keep the spotlight on me until he could run up into the nosebleed section and find me amongst the thousands of other screaming women.  I actually think he considered it for a moment but then saw my two kids and husband there with me and in that moment he made the most difficult decision of his life, to let the love of his life go for the sake of my children’s future. 

     I’m sure it was a tough decision for him to make and I respect him for that.  I think I even love him more now knowing that then I did before if that’s possible. Love is a funny thing.

      I guess I’ll just have to be content knowing in my heart Bon Jovi loves me because I know when he sang these lyrics they were for me and me only. "I’ll be there for you, these five words I swear to you, when you breathe I want to be the air for you, I’ll be there for you. I’d live and I’d die for you, steal the sun from the sky for you, words can’t say what love can do I’ll be there for you."