Mother to Many

     My Aunt Bea who we visited in Arkansas for Christmas never had any two-legged children of her own. She has two nephews from her husband’s brother and two nieces from her brother. The nieces and brother live in Minnesota and the nephews and brother-in-law live in North Carolina. She has a cousin in North Dakota but no other living relatives live anywhere near her.  She lives in the house her now deceased husband grew up in and she isn’t what one would call "well-off".

      My Aunt Bea is 80 years old and has always loved animals of the four-legged kind. She grew up on a farm and loved to ride horses.  Some people would never hurt a fly, I’m not sure if Aunt Bea would but I know she won’t hurt a mouse and she has fed racoons, oppossums and even armadillos over the years.  

     When people say they don’t have a pot to pee in this fairly accurately describes my Aunt Bea. But what she does have besides alot of pride is a big heart for those four-legged creatures. Over the years she has gotten the reputation for taking in any animal anyone drops off at her house. She’s had too many cats to count over the years, a couple dozen dogs and she currently has six dogs she feeds and cares for.  

     These dogs are her life. Aunt Bea never had a career but at 80 she now feels the desire to open a humane shelter in her small town of Prescott, Arkansas. Today I just felt like sharing with you how very special my Aunt Bea is to this two-legged creature.

Oh, and if you know the owners of Purina she goes through alot of dog chow each month.  Or if you know how to set up a humane society give me a shout, I hope to help her fulfill this dream.  

Aunt Bea in Arkansas

Trying to get the dogs to pose!