Good Luck Ice FIshing

The big lakes of the Gunflint Trail are now frozen over and should be pretty safe for travel on foot for this year’s lake trout opener in the BWCA.  The going should be good too since there isn’t too much snow on the lakes or on the portages. 


One question we get asked quite often is where do people fish for walleye in the winter? The answer is simple, we don’t.  We’ve never been able to find walleye through the ice up here. 


Another fish species people ask about are crappies.  We used to fish for crappies in central Minnesota and really enjoyed pulling them up through the ice. We don’t have many lakes with crappies in them up here either and the times we’ve been out fishing for them we haven’t been successful.


But we love our lake trout up here and hope all of the anglers get their fill this opener.